Prospective Students

I am currently recruiting PhD students that would like to do research in the field of Information Science, Science and Technology Studies (STS), and Social Computing. I mostly conduct mixed-methods and qualitative research. If you are interested in doing data science research I am likely not a good advisor for you. However, I regularly co-advise and sit on committees for students that work in the DataLab. I would be happy to co-advise you in one of these roles.

For 2020, I am looking for students to join my new research group. We are tentatively titled Civics and Science on the Web. Our description is as follows:

My research group studies the Web as an intermediary to scientific knowledge production and civic engagement. We are interested in how the web mediates, constrains, and affords new modes of cooperation. We ask research questions related to government transparency, data privacy, and pro-social modes of organizing. To answer these questions we build information systems, and study their implementation, use, and maintenance over time. We both study science and civics, but we also participate as practitioners, advocates, and organizers. We practice open-science by depositing our publications, data, software, and protocols in openly accessible repositories. We are committed to research that promotes an open, decentralized, and healthy web.

If you are interested, please feel free to reach out to me directly at nmweber[at]

More about the PhD program at the UW iSchool:

The Ph.D. program is a theoretical, research-based doctorate that focuses on creating and advancing new knowledge that will make a significant, positive difference. The UW iSchool’s research focuses on understanding human involvement with information and its social and technological ramifications.

All applicants who are admitted to the program receive guaranteed funding for at least four years. Funding sources may include a mix of fellowships, teaching or research stipends, and scholarships. Funding typically covers university fees and pays stipends for hourly work according to the rates negotiated by the Union of Academic Student Employees.

How to Apply: The application deadline for the 2020 academic year is Dec. 1, 2019 More information on admissions and requirements:

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