"The questions from students are often the source of new research. They often ask profound questions that I've thought about at times and then given up on, so to speak, for a while. It wouldn't do me any harm to think about them again and see if I can go any further now. The students may not be able to see the thing I want to answer, or the subtleties I want to think about, but they remind me of a problem by asking questions in the neighborhood of that problem. It's not so easy to remind yourself of these things. So I find that teaching and the students keep life going, and I would never accept any position in which somebody has invented a happy situation for me where I don't have to teach. Never.``

Richard Feynman, 1986

I relish teaching because it gives me the opportunity to re-think, re-learn and master content.

I primarily teach the following topics: data and digital curation, digital preservation, social informtatics, systems analaysis & development, digital libraries, research methods, and archives & records management.

Below are courses that I've taught, developed curriculum for, or proposed to teach in the future (Syllabus should be linked):

I've also designed the curriculum for and been an instructor of a continuing education workshop focused on giving practicing librarians skills needed to carry out research data management at institutions of higher education.

You can find an example of this curriculum in an ePub here.

This workshop has been held at three universities in 2015 and will be held at two future sites in 2016.